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June 5
End of Season Event

INFORMATION: There is one registration form to register for all May events (May 1, 8, 15, & 22), both virtual and in-person. Registration for the June 5 culminating event will be separate.
Registering for an event is a commitment.  Hosts will contact you to process payment.


Based on the registration information, teams will be assigned to events starting with their first choice, second choice, and so on. We hope that teams will get everything they want, but in case there aren't enough spots to accommodate all request, we are asking you to rank your requests. We are also trying to ensure that:

  • All teams get a chance to compete/perform, including middle level and JV.

  • At minimum, registration fees cover the costs of hosting, so host schools don't lose money.

Fees will probably range between $60-$100 per routine, with discounts possible for teams with multiple routines. We cannot set exact fees until we know how many teams will participate in each event. We realize this makes it hard to plan, but we have to make sure that teams can cover hosting costs. Exhibition routines will be half price. More performances = lower fees!

This form will take some effort. It will help to have a list of the events you want prioritized before you start filling out the form. You will need to indicate:

  • Event

  • Category (includes exhibition)

  • Level (Varsity, JV, ML)

  • If the routine includes stunting (to help plan ST judging)

Some examples for prioritizing choices :
Coach Jordan wants to compete with pom on May 1, dance on May 8, and both routines on May 22. The coach thinks the feedback from the end of the season will be most valuable and that their pom routine has more potential than their dance routine, so their requests would look like this:
First choice: May 22, pom
Second choice: May 22, dance
Third choice: May 1, pom
Fourth choice: May 8, dance

Coach Taylor wants to get as much feedback as possible on her drill routine, and also plans to enter a sideline routine as an exhibition, for fun. Their requests could look like this:
First choice: May 22, drill
Second choice: May 15, drill
Third choice: May 8, drill
Fourth choice: May 1, drill
Fifth choice: May 8, exhibition

Remember you have up to 12 choices + in-person events, so you may want to pencil it out on a calendar (and many of you probably already have!). 


Stunting: Please remember that you must have a stunt certificate if your team has a routine with stunting. Certificates that expired this year have been extended to the end of this school year. If you do not have a stunt certificate and need one for this year, you can take the NDCA Dance Safety Level 1 course instead, for this year only. 

This is all new and constantly evolving.  If you have questions please contact us!

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