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The Washington State Dance/Drill Coaches Association is made up of dance/drill Primary Members (usually head coaches), Associate Members (assistant coaches, former coaches, judges, or others interested in dance/drill in Washington), and Lifetime Honorary Members.  

Mission Statement

The WSDDCA strives to improve, inspire, and educate the coaches of dance/drill teams.  The purpose is to instill pride through athletic performance while providing a positive experience for all involved in the dance/drill community.

Vision Statement

The WSDDCA will promote quality coaching in dance/drill throughout the state via education, communication, mentorship, organization, and leadership.


Prior to 1994, there were only about 5 competitions held in a year, with approximately 10-12 teams competing at each event.  From 1994 to 1996, about 9 competitions were held each year with 10-15 teams attending each.  Between 1996-2000, the number of competitions increased to 15-24 per year, with 15-25 teams at each event.  From 2000 to 2002, there was continued growth, with around 20-25 competitions per year with 15-35 performances.  Starting in 2002, the number of performances at each event started to increase as teams started to compete in multiple categories, with 20-50 performances at a single event.

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