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The Washington State Dance/Drill Coaches Association is made up of dance/drill Primary Members (usually head coaches), Associate Members (assistant coaches, former coaches, judges, or others interested in dance/drill in Washington), and Lifetime Honorary Members.  

Mission Statement

The WSDDCA seeks to inspire and educate Washington dance/drill coaches to grow as individuals and leaders who positively influence student athletes in our state. We strive to develop dancers through mentorship, equity, education, and advocacy.

Vision Statement

The WSDDCA will promote quality coaching in dance/drill throughout the state via education, communication, mentorship, organization, and leadership.


Prior to 1994, there were only about 5 competitions held in a year, with approximately 10-12 teams competing at each event.  From 1994 to 1996, about 9 competitions were held each year with 10-15 teams attending each.  Between 1996-2000, the number of competitions increased to 15-24 per year, with 15-25 teams at each event.  From 2000 to 2002, there was continued growth, with around 20-25 competitions per year with 15-35 performances.  Starting in 2002, the number of performances at each event started to increase as teams started to compete in multiple categories, with 20-50 performances at a single event.

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