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PreApproval Form and Guidelines from the WSDDJA

Note: one week to process requests

Additional Safety/Technical information is found in the casebook.

Safety/tech questions?  Email WSDDJA Safety/Tech Director at  

Lift (formerly Stunt) Certification & Clinics

See the NFHS Spirit Rules Book for the definition of a stunt.

Per WIAA Handbook Rule 23.5.11 WIAA-approved Hands-on Stunt Clinic Certification is required for dance/drill coaches who intend to have their teams practice and perform lifts and/or stunts. Lift (formerly Stunt) Certification is valid for 2 years.  Coaches must register for Stunt Clinics via WIAA website

  1. Login to MyWIAA

  2. Navigate to Sports & Activities < Sport/Activity-Specific Resources < Dance/Drill

  3. The link to the lift (formerly stunt) certification info is in the Dance/Drill section

Spirit Rules

Order a Spirit Rules Book

All head coaches are required to complete the online Spirit Rules Clinics annually.  Some districts may require assistant coaches to also complete a Spirit Rules Clinics. This is completed through the WIAA website.   Your athletic director must register your name with WIAA before you can complete the clinic.

All dance/drill teams in Washington State are subject to the Spirit Rules established by the National Federation of State High Schools.  The rules are explained in the NFHS Spirit Rules Handbook.  Two copies of this handbook are mailed to Athletic Directors from WIAA in August.  If you did not receive your copy, you may order one from NFHS.

WIAA Rules & Regulations 

Rules for competing at WIAA-sanctioned competitions are found on the MyWIAA webpage of the WIAA website. The SOP (Formerly Bound for State Rules & Regulations) and WIAA Handbook are updated annually.


It is the job of the coach's school district supervisor to monitor the WIAA mandated compliance courses such as the Lift (Stunt) Clinic, Spirit Rules Clinic, Concussion Management and others.  District personnel, not WSDDCA, WSDDJA, or WIAA, to take action if the clinics are not completed. School districts are responsible for tracking compliance course completion.  District personnel, not WSDDCA, or WSDDJA take action if the clinics are not completed.

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