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Email nominations by
June 1st to

Deb Yearsley,


Jen Stokes,
Mt Si

Kathryn Noonan,

Colleen Schoonover,
Laurie Templeton,

Lindsey Ryan,
Lake Washington

Kimberleigh Anderson,


Miranda Hein, Shadle Park

Lindsay Starr Dye, Decatur, 
Hazen, Liberty, Bellevue


Lori Baker, Moses Lake

Jodee Cahalan, West Valley

Corinne Immel, Eastlake

Deb Johnson, Edmonds-



Julie Holmberg, Kentwood

Jan Kiefer, Capital


Rex Kinney, Shorecrest

Lara Lindersmith, Tahoma


Tina Olson, Wenatchee

Heather Wong, WSDDCA


Kim Hille, Tumwater

Ronni Weston, Bellingham


Anna Martinez, Othello

Becca Schwan, Pasco

Wendy White, Richland


Cindy Adsit, WIAA

Moses Lake Molahiettes


Deb Hunter, Thomas Jefferson

Kentridge Chatelains

Pattie Jo Allinger, Skyview/Kelso


Adolfo Capestany, Announcer

Betsy Schott, Mountain View/Lifetime Member


Teri Rowe, Lifetime Member


Danise Ackelson, Olympia/Lifetime Member

Sally Kaatz, Curlew/Ephrata/Lifetime Member

To nominate a person, team, or program for the Hall of Fame, please submit a detailed letter to explaining why this person, team, or program should be considered for the Hall of Fame (see below for details).

The WSDDCA Hall of Fame recognizes those in the Washington State Dance/Drill community, both past and present, who have made Washington state dance/drill what it is today.  There are three categories: coach, contributor, and team.


Any coach, regardless of level (junior high, high school, etc.) who has coached for ten or more years is eligible to be considered for the Hall of Fame.  The inductee should have contributed to building a well-rounded program at his or her school.  He or she may have also contributed to the coaches association, district, or state through service and/or mentoring of others.


A person who has not coached dance/drill in the state but has been instrumental in assisting dance/drill and the association in growth may be considered for induction as a contributor to the Hall of Fame.  This could be a WIAA director, announcer, judge, etc.   This would not take the place of the Lifetime Membership and does not have to be a Lifetime member to be nominated.  It is meant as another way of recognizing those who have impacted dance/drill in the state.


A team may be considered for induction into the Hall of Fame in one of two ways.  A “program” as a whole or a specific team may be nominated for the Hall of Fame.  This may be for state or national level achievements.  Achievements need not only be on the competition floor.  They may be for contributions to their school, community, and beyond.  An example of the difference between a team vs. a “program” would be inducting the 19__  XYZ team for their National Championship vs. inducting XYZ team for their many years of success competitively.

Each year, members can nominate those they feel are deserving of being inducted to the Hall of Fame to the Selection Committee.  The Selection Committee, which is appointed by the board, will then choose who will be that year’s class into the Hall of Fame.  

Hall of Fame induction will occur at the Fall Coaches’ Conference.  The induction ceremony will be held at the dinner on Saturday night (if held) or at a time deemed appropriate by the Fall Conference coordinators.

2011 Inductees

Sally Kaatz & Danise Ackelson

Sally Kaatz inducted for her commitment to WSDDCA and tenure as coach at Ephrata & Curlew High Schools.

Danise Ackelson inducted due to her tremendous contributions to the WSDDCA.

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