Competition Information

What Are the rules for Competing in Washington State?

Washington dance/drill teams follow NFHS rules outlined in the NFHS Spirit Rules Publication as well as the rules outlined in the WIAA "Bound for State" regulations.  Washington State Saftey/Technical Interpretations are found on the Judges Association site.

What Is a Sanctioned Competition?

Non school-sponsored competitions are not sanctioned by the WIAA. The definition of "School-Sponsored" is included in the Bound for State Regs 1.2.1, available on the WIAA website.  Entry fees for school-sponsored competitions need to be processed through school ASB accounts. 

Competition Etiquette
  • Only register for those competitions at which you are committed to compete.

  • Submit registrations no later than the deadline established by the competition host.  

  • Make sure registration fee arrives in a timely manner.  If it cannot be sent with the registration form, be sure to follow up with school personnel to confirm that it is being mailed. 

  • Do not cancel unless there is a dire emergency.  This includes cancelling just one category.  Cancellations impact every single team involved in the competition by changing practice times, performance order, and awards.  Cancellations also impact judging; sometimes judging changes must be made at the last minute, which should be avoided.  Many coaches often feel their team is not "ready" for an event or that they have too many illnesses/injuries, students on academic probation, etc.  These are problems that many teams face and should not lead to cancellations.  (Exception:  if your school district forbids you to travel because of adverse weather conditions, always follow your school district's decision.) 

  • If you do cancel, you will not get your registration fee back because many competition expenses are paid in advance of the event.

  • Please be courteous and respectful of other teams' choreography by refraining from video-taping.  Our association requests that audience members only record their own team performances.  Posting to public sites such as YouTube can infringe upon copyrights.

Competition Feedback

Feedback for competition hosts can be made through weekly surveys.  Survey information will be used to help competition directors improve the following year, give both associations a sense of trending issues, and provide notes for schools in good/poor standing.  Surveys for each competition can be found here.

Digital Audio Feedback

Coaches will receive all judges' comments on digital audio files.  Cassette tapes will no longer be used.  Coaches will need to bring a flash drive to competitions in order to receive audio feedback from judges. The flash drive must be labeled with the team name.  One (1) GB of memory should be more than sufficient.  Please delete files from flash drives after each event to make room for more files.

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