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Competitions are typically scheduled in the winter of the year preceding each season. To get more information about submitting a request to host an event, contact

Planning and Hosting a Competition


Open this document to get all the details about planning and hosting a competition. This is essential for new hosts and a good check list for experienced hosts. 
Competition Organization Info is a sample excel doc to assist you in planning your event.

Competition Informational Packet is the recommended document to send to your competing teams.



Required How to Scorekeep/Tally Course Materials

Required To Read: ScorekeeperGuidelines Document

Spreadsheet for 1 panel

Spreadsheet for 2 panels

Spreadsheet for 3 panels

Spreadsheets for Altered panels (with JA Permission only)

Announcer Info 

Team Info for Announcers a link to send to competing teams so they can input info for your Announcer

Sample Announcers Script

Sample Announcer Sheet to merge with the Announcer Sheet Responses (a link which is emailed to competition hosts only)  

Video Instructions on how to merge the above document (Using Word 2016 for Windows 10)

Sample Announcer Sheet Blank Fill-In for coaches to hand write in the day of the event if their information was not available to merge.

Requirements for Hosting a Competition from the WSDDJA

WSDDJA Hosting a Competition Page - where you can find

  • Judges' pay scale

  • Where to send scores after your event

  • Staffing needed to support judges

  • Paperwork needed by judges

  • How to create a performance order

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