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2023-24 Membership Registration is closed

High School Coach Ticket Options:

  • Primary Member $80

  • Associate Member $60

Middle Level Coach Ticket Options: 

  • Middle Level Primary Member $60

  • Middle Level Associate Member $30

NEW! Washington State Coaches Association Discount: You must register with WSCA before registering for WSDDCA to receive your $15 discount code. Discounts cannot be refunded after the fact. Register for WSCA membership here and forward your confirmation email to to receive your discount code.

Become a member using Eventbrite (click here)

An Eventbrite service fee will be added. You may pay with a check or credit card. If your school or booster club is paying, please download and print your "paper ticket" when you receive your email confirmation. This will show you the amount owed and where to mail the check. When you complete the form, you will be asked what WIAA district your school is in. If you are not sure, click here to use the WIAA Member School Directory to find out.


Why Join?

Be Informed

As a WSDDCA member, you will receive periodic emails updating you on information that is pertinent to coaches.  This includes information about competitions, rules changes, and events, including the State Dance/Drill Championships.

WSDDCA Website

The WSDDCA website has much of the information needed to help you be an effective coach.  This website is paid for entirely by WSDDCA members.  

WSDDCA Facebook Group

With WSDDCA membership, join a closed Facebook group to connect and network with coaches.
We've created the Facebook Group as a place to share with each other in a positive manner.  All primary and associate members of our organization are invited to participate in the group which means you may be communicating with judges, former coaches and contributors to our association.  The Executive Directors and the President moderate the group and will remove posts which do not represent the supportive guidelines of our community.  We welcome you to post any time, help contribute to the discussions.  We're all here to help and encourage one  another.

Voting Rights

Only WSDDCA members are able to vote regarding proposals that impact all dance/drill teams in Washington.  This includes determining many aspects pertaining to judging, such as the content of score sheets.

Voice with the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA)

The WSDDCA represents, and advocates for, Washington Dance/Drill Coaches.

Scholarships for Students

Since scholarships are financed  primarily by membership dues, only students of WSDDCA members are eligible for the WSDDCA Academic Scholarships that are awarded at the State Championships.  


Only members are eligible for service awards, Coach of the Year, and the Hall of Fame.

Coaches Credentials
Members receive coaches credentials, a badge to be worn at competitions and conferences.  The credentials includes your name, school, Stunt Certification expiration date, years coaching, and awards such as Coach of the Year and Hall of Fame.  Credentials will be issued annually.


The WSDDCA, in cooperation with the WSDDJA, manages the competition schedule and provides online registration information for all member schools.  The association also pays for interns to build the pool of certified judges.


As a state association member, WSDDCA is able to share important information from the National Dance Coaches Association with all members.

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