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Audio Feedback Registration
Register your email address with the WSDDJA.

This is necessary to receive your audio feedback from the judges

Competition information is available because of WSDDCA memberships.  
Thank you to member coaches and sponsors for making this service available. 

2022-23 Competition Registration Roll Out will begin on September 5th for November & December competitions and on November 1st for January & February competitions.


2022-23 Announcer Form Please submit one form for each routine. Forms will be time-stamped so competition directors will know the most current entry. Please plan to submit forms one month before your competition. New for 2022-23, WIAA is requiring proof of purchase of music for local, District and State competitions.  A file upload has been added to this form so coaches will only need to upload proof of purchase one time.

2022-23 Panel Limits Minimum of 11 judged performances.  Maximum of 26 performances per panel.

Please be mindful of our Competition Etiquette.  Many competitions have been cancelled in the past due to teams pulling out unnecessarily.  This impacts hosting teams fundraising efforts and puts a strain on later competitions as everyone vies for openings.  Please be respectful & courteous of our fellow coaches.


Thank you!

After the competition, please submit feedback to help our judges!

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